THIE is part of a large network of national, European and international associations active in the food sector and beyond. At the centre of this network is close cooperation with the European national tea and herbal infusions associations, the European Food Industry Federation FoodDrink Europe I FDE and the Association for Wholesale, Import and Export Trade Hamburg I WGA.

The national tea and herbal infusions associations form the link into the national markets. National traditions and pleasures concerning tea and herbal infusions cover a broad range of different tastes, products and consumption habits. It is the role of THIE to provide information on this impressive variety and quality of products available. THIE gives the industry a voice and helps policy-makers and civil society to understand, preserve and further develop this richness of joy at European level.

To ensure that Europe continues to have the highest quality and safest food in the world is a goal of the European Food Industry Federation FDE. As member of FDE, THIE actively supports this objective. Tea as well as herbal and fruit infusions form an important part of a healthy diet. Joining forces with other sectors under the roof of FDE is of great benefit for THIE and strengthens the tea industry on the European stage.

Tea as well as herbal and fruit infusions are an international business. Raw materials and products are traded globally. THIE’s office is located in the hub of international trade in Hamburg. THIE is member of the WGA, an association specialized in wholesale, import and export trade in general. This membership guarantees that THIE can support its members in all import and export specific questions. At the same time the WGA provides an efficient platform to bundle forces with other sectors on issues concerning foreign trade.