Herbal infusions history

For thousands of years herbal infusions have been consumed for medicinal reasons. China is deemed to be the country of origin. The first historical records appear in the earliest Chinese Pharmacopeia, which is attributed to the Chinese emperor “Shennong” (around 3,000 BC). In the 1st century AD, the Greek physician and pharmacologist Dioscorides describes 600 medicinal plants, which may be used for preparation of infusions in his book “De materia medica” (medicines). Tradition has taught us that the beneficial properties of herbals and fruits have been adopted in a remarkable and sometimes even unusual manner in the course of the past centuries. Besides relieving certain symptoms, herbs were considered to open the mind for spiritual insights. The consumption of herbal and fruit infusions – pure or mixed – just for enjoying the taste has become very popular in the recent history. Resulting from an increased health awareness of the consumers, drinking herbal and fruit infusions started to boom in the 1980s. Since then the consumption and the variety of products offered have steadily increased. Herbal infusions perfectly meet the contemporary spirit of mindfulness.