Herbal materials

Herbal and fruit infusions are amongst the world's most popular and widely enjoyed beverages, thanks to their almost unlimited variety and their convenience. From every imaginable kind of fruity flavour, from minty, flowery, sweetish to spicy or pungent, these drinks offer the full range of flavour to suit every taste and any occasion.

Herbal and fruit infusion materials are plants or parts of plants that do not originate from the tea plant (Camellia sinensis L. Kuntze) and are intended for food use by brewing with freshly boiling water, except for specially designed products. They also include blends of herbal and fruit infusions with tea as a minor component.

The range includes both classic products made from plant parts obtained from a single plant, for instance peppermint, as well as blends of different herbs and/or fruits. In addition, there is a wide range of blends on offer to which flavourings have been added, or which are enriched with vitamins, for example.

Up to 300 different plants and 400 parts of plants are used for making herbal and fruit infusions. The parts selected for use depend on where the aromatic substances are located in the plant itself. It could be the leaves (such as orange leaves or peppermint leaves), fruits or pieces of fruit (such as apple pieces or rose hip pieces), or flowers (such as lime flowers or camomile flowers). Possible ingredients for use in herbal and fruit infusions are listed in THIE’s "Inventory list of herbals considered as food".